Baroque Orchestral


Complete Repertoire

Since the establishment of the NDA in 2002, the NDA Orchestra has performed the following, listed works live in concerts at home in the Netherlands and on tour around the world. Many of these performances have formed the basis for live radio and television broadcasts as well as for NDA SA-CD recordings. A great number of the “lesser known” works listed here have been rediscovered through the activities of the NDA’s own research department – The NDA "Research Lab". These exploratory activities fulfil part of the NDA’s aim to enrich the modern concert repertoire and to shed new light on the richness of 18th century music for modern audiences.

For many of these rediscovered works (see, for example, symphonies by Schmitt, Graaf, Zappa, Schwindl, Ricci, Zingoni, J and C Stamitz and Richter), the NDA has also created and edited the first modern editions of these works in order to be able to give them their modern-day world premiere performances, broadcasts and recordings (see CDs). For convenience, the list of performed orchestral repertoire is divided here into two sections –

Symphonic such as large scale classical orchestral repertoire from the Mannheim and Viennese Schools of the period of Stamitz, Mozart, Haydn, Dittersdorf, Cimarosa, Beethoven and Wranitzky

Baroque Orchestral with large scale orchestral works from the pre mid-18th century period such as the Concerti Grossi by Corelli, Water Music by Handel and diverse concertos by the likes of Vivaldi

The Chamber Music section lists the intimate repertoire from both the Baroque and Classical periods performed by the NDA Chamber Soloists in recent years, including Baroque repertoire intended for small forces such as the orchestral suites and concertos of JS Bach