The NDA's Season's Opening Performance in The Hague 2010-2011 

"A Night at the Opera"  

Arias and Overtures by Rossini, Paisiello, Cimarosa and Mozart. Mendelssohn's 4th Symphony "The Italian". 

Dutch Debut Danish Soprano Nina Bols Lundgren. The New Dutch Academy conducted by Simon Murphy. 

Soprano Nina Bols Lundgren 


Concertmaster Stephen Freeman     

Concertmaster Stephen Freeman together with NDA violinist Gabrielle Wunsch (above). Nina Bols Lundgren in action with NDA violist Roos Al (top). The NDA orchestra tuned and ready for the beginning of the concert in The Hague's Dr Anton Philipszaal in front of an eager audience (below). 

The New Dutch Academy at home in The Hague's Dr Anton Philipszaal Spuiplein Den Haag  


Simon Murphy and Nina Bols Lundgren Soprano  

Conductor Simon Murphy and Soprano Nina Bols Lundgren during the performance (above). The audience gives a warm applause (below).

The concert attracted a particularly broad audience - from school students to senior citizens, university students to young professionals to members of The Hague's international community including the Ambassador of Australia to the Netherlands, Lydia Morton, who presented the concert floral bouquet to conductor (Australian) Simon Murphy during the final applause.

NDA Audience

Appropriate to the social and gala atmosphere of the programme "A Night at the Opera", the evening also spotlighted a charity. Conductor Simon Murphy asked the audience to spare a moment's thought for those less fortunate and, in the interval of the concert, the audience made a special donation towards flood relief in Pakistan in a collection co-ordinated by The Hague based NGO "Gender Concerns International" which promotes awareness of the plight of women in disaster situations.

NDA Violins  

In rehearsal at the Appelloods in The Hague for the NDA's September 2010 project " A Night at the Opera" (above and below). 

NDA in rehearsal  



Concertmaster Stephen Freeman and Soprano Nina Bols Lundgren   

Sound check before the NDA's season's opening performance in The Hague's Philipszaal on 30 September 2010 for the radio recording of the concert. The concert was recorded live by Polyhymnia International (based in Baarn, the Netherlands).    

Radio Check


Sound and Balance Check for the Radio Recording before the performance on 30 September in the Philipszaal The Hague  

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The NDA musicians pictured above are 

Violin 1 / viool I Stephen Freeman (Concertmaster / Concertmeester), Gabrielle Wunsch, Sara DeCorso, Emily Thompson, Kayo Saito, Louella Alatiit Violin 2 / viool II Antina Hugosson, Erin Chen, Frouke Mooij, Anu Gehlert, Marrie Mooij Viola / altviool Annegret Meder, Roos Al, Martina Forni, Agnieszka Swiatkowska Violoncello / violoncello Hanna Loftsdottir, Caroline Kang, Rebecca Rosen Double Bass / bas Christian Staude, Christine Sticher, Marco Lo Cicero Flute/Piccolo / fluit/piccolo Georgia Browne, Melody Yeomans Oboe/Cor Anglais / hobo/cor anglais Anna Starr, Lidewei de Sterck Clarinet / klarinet Nicole van Bruggen, Melanie Piddocke Bassoon / fagot Yukiko Murakami, Gergo Farkas Natural Horn / hoorn Gilbert Cami Farras, Kerstin Ripa Natural Trumpet / trompet Geerten Rooze, Mark Geelen Tympani / pauken Marten van den Bijlaard  

Photos by Frans van der Leeuw