JET SET! Classical Glitterati

In the lead up to its March 2019 international release, Simon Murphy and The New Dutch Academy's new album, JET SET! Classical Glitterati, you can now pre-order the album

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The album follows the musical "jet set" of the 18th century as they "do" the splendid cultural epicentres of the time including London, Berlin, Vienna and St Petersburg. On the programme, world-premiere recordings of symphonies by Abel and Reichardt balance well-loved works by Mozart and Paisiello, with Murphy also appearing in the double role of conductor/soloist in Zelter's beautiful Viola Concerto in E-flat.  

JET SET! is Murphy and the NDA's 7th release with long standing partner-label, PENTATONE, and follows their well-received previous album, GRAND TOUR Baroque Road Trip (2017). JET SET! (PTC 5186 787) will be available on disc, on all relevant digital platforms including Spotify and iTunes, with high-resolution download on PENTATONE, and high-resolution streaming on Primephonic. 

The crowdfunding campaign for JET SET! made this album possible. Thank you to all of you who supported it. 

Tour to SE Asia

In November and December, the NDA toured the album GRAND TOUR Baroque Road Trip (PENTATONE) to SE Asia in co-operation with the Dutch Ministry or Foreign Affairs, Erasmushuis and the Dutch Travelling Arts Fund, giving concerts, workshops and masterclasses. 

Garden of Eden 

Our upcoming large-scale, multi-year project Garden of Eden, was launched with concert events in the Netherlands in October. Stay tuned for developments. 

GRAND TOUR Baroque Road Trip 

"Thrilling ... an unforgettable musical journey ... infectious energy ... outstanding playing" are just some of the responses from the international music press to Simon Murphy and The New Dutch Academy's new album GRAND TOUR Baroque Road Trip. Featuring music by Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi & Van Wassenaer, the album is Murphy and the NDA's 6th release on Dutch, quality label PENTATONE.

"Violist Simon Murphy takes us on a musical trip around Europe: Handel, Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach. And with this rich and varied programme, one could not wish for a better musical guide than Murphy and his marvellous orchestra. As on their previous 5 CDs, The New Dutch Academy sounds warm and full and you can really hear with just how much enthusiasm Murphy leads his colleague-musicians." Klassieke Zaken, The Netherlands

"Authentic instrumentation and thrilling energy are combined in this tour of the continent. ...  Simon Murphy and the New Dutch Academy sweep across Europe in this new album ... Played on historically accurate instruments, these recordings have a wonderfully involving and atmospheric feel while still being animated by fresh energy. A wonderful collection of music that imagines Baroque pieces as if they were freshly composed." ABC Classic FM, Australia

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A big thank you to all of you who have made this new album possible, especially the crowdfunders! (Check out the NDA's successful crowdfunding campaign for the album.)

The orchestra is touring the album internationally from September 2017 onwards. The official Album Launch Concert on Sunday 3 September at 14:15 in The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam was an all-round success. 

See album and B2B touring programme info here

NDA Touring 

In recent years, the NDA has brought many, major cultural diplomacy projects to fruition together with the Dutch government, including in New York, Rome, Beijing, Sydney and Vancouver, and has appeared in concert at some of the world's most prestigious arts festivals and organisations including the Bachfest Leipzig, Handel Festspiele, Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht, Getty Centre L.A. and Premiere Performances in Hong Kong. Two of the NDA's most popular mid-size touring programmes are "Bach and his Dutch Contemporaries" featuring German soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto and a more recent addition to the NDA's repertoire, the concert programme supporting the new album "Grand Tour - Baroque Road Trip" featuring Greek soprano Myrsini Margariti. With these programmes, the NDA offers touring partners engaging, dynamic performances, inspiring, attractive and distinctive programming and an ensemble with a rich instrumentation and soundscape but of a compact, manageable, touring-friendly size. Are you a festival director or concert series' programmer? See here for more information on our favourite touring programmes. 

Previous News Highlights: 

Mrs Cornelys' Entertainments - Baroque Burlesque or An 18th Century Variété 

Check out the new production trailer!

Following the 2012 pilot, the new edition of the show was a success with performances in the Netherlands including at the Korzo Theater in The Hague. The show goes on international tour from 2017. 

Production information: Actress, (opera)singer, dancer, impresario, madam, cultural entrepreneur, and the mother of Casanova's daughter. The Empress of Pleasure, Mrs Cornelys (1723 – 1797), staged her scandalous masked balls a.k.a. Mrs Cornelys' Entertainments in the 1760's and 1770's at her London Carlisle House, a sort of high class 18th century Moulin Rouge. In each room of the house, she offered another type of entertainment – from concerts, theatre, dance and gambling, right through to much more piquant activities. Lord Sandwich (of the sandwich and the Hellfire Club), the actor and playwright Garrick, designer Chippendale, painter Gainsborough and the composers Abel and JC Bach were part of her impressive, cosmopolitan circle. The guest lists of her balls were published in the newspapers with descriptions of the guests' opulent costumes. Think Grammys meets Eyes Wide Shut but with less clothing and more jewellry. In the show, the NDA combines the media of ballet, dance, theatre, song and symphony, bringing these together in the form of a highly sensual 18th century variété featuring breathtaking subtle and virtuosic Baroque dance (ballet) and pantomime Baroque dance (storytelling through gesture and movement). Production: Concept, Text and Music Selection Simon Murphy, Choreography Caroline Copeland and Karin Modigh, Musical Direction Simon Murphy, Soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto, Baroque Dance Karin Modigh, Chamber Soloists of the New Dutch Academy, Concertmaster Rachael Beesley, Music by Handel, Abel, JC Bach, Arne, Boyce, Mozart, Gluck, Dittersdorf, Storace and Kotzwarra

NDA at Sydney Festival 2016 , Australia 

The NDA appeared at the Sydney Festival in a sold out performance at the Sydney City Recital Hall in January 2016. The NDA Chamber Soloists together with soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto and Anna Stegmann recorder(s) performed the programme Bach and his Dutch Contemporaries. In co-operation with the Embassy of the Netherlands, the NDA's performance officially opened the Dirk Hartog Year, celebrating 400 + years of contact between the Netherlands and Australia. 

NDA at State Opera, Ankara

The NDA opened the new year at the State Opera in Ankara, Turkey, in a festive performance opening the 2016 Dutch presidency of the EU. Soloists were Gudrun Sidonie Otto soprano and Elisabeth Champollion recorder(s), with music by Dutch composers Hacquart, Van Wassenaer and De Fesch, and by Handel, Vivaldi and JS Bach. A special feature of the programme was music by Bach's brother, JJ Bach, who lived and worked in Turkey in the early 18th century. 

NDA App "The Hague - International City of Music in the 18th Century"

Incorporating the results of more than a decade of scholarly research and musical exploration, The Hague's Baroque orchestra, The New Dutch Academy (NDA), and its conductor Simon Murphy have developed a new app and musical walking tour bringing the richly international, 18th century musical traditions of The Hague to life. More Info

Download the app (free) here: 

iTunes (Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad) in Dutch

Google Play (Android mobile devices, such as Samsung products) in Dutch 

Watch the Trailer

The musical walking tour can also be made non-digitally with ready printed informational packets (in Dutch) available in the shop of The Hague's Historical Museum. The map (with walking tour route) and informational booklet can also be downloaded here.

Press Release in English  Persbericht in het nederlands

Murphy and NDA Tour to Hong Kong and China

Simon Murphy and The Hague's Baroque orchestra, The New Dutch Academy (NDA), have successfully completed their second tour to Hong Kong and southern China earning a return invitation from partner concert organisation PPHK to tour again to the region. 

In June 2014, Murphy and the NDA presented the programme "Bach and his Dutch Contemporaries" featuring German star-soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto and recorder virtuoso Elisabeth Champollion. The tour's programme included 18th century musical gems by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Telemann, Hacquart, Graaf, De Fesch  and Van Wassenaer. Alongside directing the programme, Murphy also appeared as soloist in Telemann's classic Viola Concerto in G. 

The tour was presented by Première Performances Hong Kong (PPHK) in co-operation with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

During the tour, Murphy and the NDA performed several evening concerts for PPHK as well as contributing to the organisation's innovative outreach programme PLAY!

The tour followed the NDA's successful first tour to China in 2012 which saw the NDA give performances in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Beijing. During the trip, Simon Murphy and members of the NDA were also guests at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and the Beijing Central Conservatory giving master-classes, orchestral workshops and chamber music coaching. 

As part of the June 2014 tour, Murphy returned to Hong Kong's Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) to give a series of masterclasses and orchestral workshops.

Performance for the Dutch Royal Family

The New Dutch Academy (NDA) was honoured to give a special performance for their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, HRH Princess Beatrix, Vice President Piet Hein Donner, and the members of the Council of State, in The Hague on December 4.

Curated by NDA conductor Simon Murphy, the programme featured 17th and 18th century music with a special relationship with the House of Orange and the buildings of the Council of State. The evening's soloists included soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto, recorder virtuoso Amy Power and cellist Caroline Kang.

The concert was the 5th time that Simon Murphy and the NDA have performed for Princess Beatrix. More info

Conductor Simon Murphy and the Dutch Royal Family

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NDA Intro

The New Dutch Academy (NDA) is the international Dutch platform for 18th century music and culture. The musicians of the NDA are the new generation of the international Dutch early music tradition. The NDA is based in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands. The conductor and artistic director of the NDA is the Australian/Dutch conductor and viola player Simon Murphy.