Both partners and friends are very important to the NDA. The support from both helps us realise our goals.

Over the years, together with our NDA-partners, we’ve realised international concert performances, concert tours, multidisciplinary presentations, CD recordings, television and radio broadcasts, documentaries, publications and educational activities. We are immensely proud of these partnerships and the results achieved together. Please see below for an overview. Our NDA-friends have really made the difference by helping us be able to fund important projects – including CD recordings – by making donations and actively supporting crowdfunding drives. We are most grateful for this, very welcome, support.


We need your support. There are different options to support us. Please email us to find out.


The NDA works with governments, governmental organisations, embassies, festivals, halls, radio and television broadcasters, corporations, private businesses, conservatoria, music schools and various other partners around the world to achieve its various local, national and international activities.

Major Dutch Government Partners

  • The NDA regularly works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs as a partner in major cultural diplomacy programmes as well as bilateral and economic missions
  • The NDA regularly works for the city of The Hague as a partner in cultural projects and cultural diplomacy programmes, and receives incidental support from the city of The Hague for its cultural activities in the city

Other Partners with which the NDA has worked with to date, include:

Government and Diplomatic

  • The Dutch Government, Council of State, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Defence, Economic Affairs
  • The German Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Italian Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Australian Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • The US Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Austrian Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Canadian Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Government of Sweden, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Government of Finland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Radio and TV

  • EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
  • Dutch National and International Radio and Television
  • NCRV, AVRO, VPRO, NPS, NTR, Max (Radio 4)
  • RNW (Radio Nederland Wereldomroep/Radio Netherlands World Service)
  • KLARA (Klassieke Radio Belgium)
  • Radio Deutschland (Deutschlandfunk Kultur/DLF)
  • HR (Hessischer Rundfunk)
  • MDR (Mittel Deutschland Rundfunk)
  • RAI (Italian National Radio and Television)
  • Slovenian National Radio and Television
  • NRK (Norwegian National Radio)
  • ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

CD PentaTone and Polyhymnia for NDA SA-CD recordings

Festivals including

  • Holland Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht)
  • Potsdam Festspiele
  • Händel Festspiele Halle
  • Leipzig Bachfest
  • Roma Europa Festival
  • Festivals van Vlaanderen (Festival of Flanders) Brussels and Gent
  • Brezice Festival (Slovenia)
  • Festival Mitte Europa (Germany and Czech Republic)
  • Bad Arolsen Barock Festspiele
  • Sacharov Arts Festival (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
  • Northern Lights Festival (Norway)

Halls including

  • Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
  • Vredenburg, Utrecht
  • De Doelen, Rotterdam
  • Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven
  • Dr Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag
  • Oosterpoort, Groningen
  • Podium Twente, Enschede
  • De Vereeniging, Nijmegen
  • Orpheus, Apeldoorn
  • Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
  • Bozar, Brussel
  • Bijloke, Gent
  • Palazzo Quirinale, Rome
  • Sans Souci, Potsdam
  • Schloss Brühl
  • Händelhaus, Halle
  • Residenzschloss Weimar
  • ABC Centre, Sydney

International Educational Institutions including

  • Getty Research Institute and Getty Center, Los Angeles
  • The Royal Conservatorium of The Hague
  • The Royal Academy of Music, Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Sydney University Conservatorium of Music
  • Rijksmuseum (Twente)
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Australian National University
  • The School of Music, University of New South Wales
  • Georg Friedrich Haendel Conservatorium, Halle
  • Glinka Conservatorium, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Het Erasmushuis, Jakarta
  • University Conservatorium, Jogjakarta
  • National Library of Australia