The New Dutch Academy’s current, large scale project is “Dutch Crown Jewels – Symphonic Gems from the Court of Orange”.

Watch the project teaser (in English):

Watch the project teaser (in Dutch):

The new project brings to life recently unearthed musical treasures, making these available nationally and internationally in 2023 through a variety of activities, events, media and platforms including publications, workshops, live concerts in historically significant locations, broadcasts, a mini-documentary entitled “Moving Music. Going Dutch” and with the recording of a new album, “Dutch Crown Jewels “(CD, streaming and download). With the project, the NDA continues its work, delivering fresh musical perspectives and putting valuable Dutch and shared European cultural heritage back on the international map.

The project is timed to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the singularly most important musical figure of 18th century the Netherlands – Hofkapellmeister, composer and violinist Christian Ernst Graaf (1723 – 1804). The project’s musical programme puts Graaf in context, exploring the lives, stories and works of a number of his colleagues including keyboard virtuoso and music master to Princess Wilhemine, Johann August Just (1750 – 1791). Another featured colleague is composer and organist Wilhelm Gottlieb Hauff (1750 – 1816) whose own work location, the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen, also rather specially, celebrates its 750th anniversary this season. With these festive events, the NDA is delighted to simultaneously celebrate its own 20th anniversary.

The album was successfully recorded in June 2023. The successful recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (December 2023 – January 2024) has enabled the commencement of the post-production work on the album. It is anticipated that the album will have its international release in later 2024. Check out the album crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Summer 2023 – Dutch Crown Jewels and Graaf 300 – Main Orchestral Concerts

The main orchestral concerts and recording sessions for the Dutch Crown Jewels project in the Graaf 300 year were successfully completed in June 2023. Locations included the Koorenhuis in The Hague, Paradijskerk in Rotterdam, Stevenskerk in Nijmegen and Kasteel Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten. The new album is expected in mid-2024. Join the crowdfunding campaign for the album here.

Photos of recording and concerts in June 2023 by Ievengiia Pavlenko:

Who was Graaf?

A trailblazer and a musical tastemaker, Graaf was at the helm of the school of composers which created the vibrant and cosmopolitan music scene in the Netherlands in the 18th century. Born in Rudolstadt in Thuringia in the heart of Germany, Graaf’s musical life story is a wonderful example of the historically rich and fruitful tradition of musical exchange between Germany and the Netherlands. After moving to the The Hague and being appointed Hofkapellmeister, he led the court orchestra, programmed the court’s concert series, and co-ordinated the visits of the slew of musical superstars who visited at the time including J.C. Bach, Abel, Mozart and Beethoven. Graaf’s own compositions were performed all over Europe and even at some of the very first symphonic concerts in Northern America. He helped lay the foundations for the famously internationally-orientated Dutch musical culture, which continues to flourish nowadays.

Enjoy the New Dutch Academy’s world premiere recording of Graaf’s Symphony in D here